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Unity Serializer

Unity Serializer is a complete saving solution for your game. Use it to quickly add features that let your players save and restore their progress. Supports your custom classes as well as Unity components. It can configure scene objects and even instantiate prefabs for you...

You save the world, I'll save your game...

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Word Cloud

Word Cloud is a free Silverlight Wordle style tag cloud and data visualization component. It can shade, size and rotate words based on continuous variables to represent up to three different measurements on each view!

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Mike’s Blog

Updates on my releases and other useful code and utilities for Unity & Silverlight can be found on my blog.

All the code on my blog is free to use under an MIT license. I've produced it as a quid pro quo for all of the incredibly useful articles that I've benefitted from. I hope you find it useful!

Silverlight Serializer

Silverlight Serializer lets you save and load classes to a compressed binary format and share data between .NET4 and Silverlight runtimes.

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Cool Stuff

Whydoidoit.com is all about cool stuff for Unity & Silverlight that's hard to find elsewhere. Everything on here is free to use - so dive in, grab what you want and feel free to ask questions.


You can get great support for all of the projects by using the forums. Feel free to make feature requests, report bugs or just ask for help to get going.

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Blog entries on Unity, C#, .NET and Silverlight

Unity Serializer v2.47 released

Version 2.47 8/3/13

[Fix] Object layer is saved
[Fix] Object tag is saved
[Fix] Occasional lockup after loading depending on Physics settings

Unity Serializer version 2.46 released

Version 2.46 6/3/13

[New] Dynamically created object can now save materials and meshes
[Fix] Colliders now save physics material

Unity Serializer version 2.45

Version 2.45 4/3/13

[Fix] Transforms at 0,0,0 were not being saved correctly
[Fix] Re-enabled the creation of objects from scratch when the prefab is missing

Unity Serializer v2.4 – Procedural Meshes

Version 2.4 27/2/13

[New] Ability to store procedurally generated meshes
[Fix] Storing references to procedural meshes failed
[Fix] Added fonts to the list of available stored assets
[New] StoreComponent event on LevelSerializer and JSONLevelSerializer to allow programmatic control of which components are stored

UnitySerializer v2.39 released

Version 2.39 26/2/13

[Fix] Problems with components being deleted when they shouldn’t be fixed (when not saving all)
[Fix] Problems with warnings on reloading repaired
[New] SaveGameManager has a new array that can be used to flag prefabs/references that are used in the scene but not referenced at design time

Version 2.38 26/2/13

[Fix] Components being deleted from some reloaded objects
[Fix] Overlapped or concurrent loading of individual objects works better
[New] Improved memory management around stored references
[Fix] Mesh filter saving improved

Unity Serializer v2.36 released (IMPORTANT)

Version 2.36 14/1/13

[Fix] Problem with stored references to components on some platforms (significant)
[Fix] Performance issues around retrieving some types
[Fix] Error in inspector when removing a storage script

Unity Serializer v2.35 released

Version 2.35 12/1/13

[Fix] Problems with prefab references on iOS
[Fix] Problem with sharing save game data between different runtime platforms
[Fix] Unable to set 0 rigidbody center of mass
[Fix] Component references to an object with more than one copy failed

Unity Serializer v2.3

Version 2.3 27/12/12

[Fix] Added all reference types (previously only half done)
[Fix] MeshFilter saves selection
[Fix] PlayerPrefs saved after each write
[Fix] Avatar and Animator references saved in U4

Unity Serializer V2.22 released

Version 2.22 6/12/12

[Fix] Problem with references to scriptable objects
[Fix] Problem with references to children of prefabs
[Fix] Problem with missing some asset references
[Fix] Wizard now shows all tracked references
[New] GUIDs saved as bytes
[Fix] Removed superfluous names in references

Unity Serializer v2.21 released

Version 2.21 30/11/12

[Fix] Problems with rapid succession uploads to servers

Unity Serializer v2.19 – IMPORTANT PATCH

This version fixes an important bug, where objects were being duplicated on loading when using the binary version of the serializer.

This version has also been tested working on Unity 4.

Unity Serializer v2.17 – released (patch)

Version 2.17 23/11/12

[Fix] Improved server connectivity
[Change] Added better error handling on server methods

Unity Serializer v2.13 – patch

Version 2.13 21/11/12

[Fix] Removed debugging code that was causing IOS a problem with JSON

Unity Serializer v2.11 – patch release

[Fix] Individual items are now correctly flagged as IsDeserializing

Unity Serializer v2.1 – Automatic Server Uploads (FTP/HTTP)

Version 2.1 19/11/12

(See new API docs)
[New] Load & SaveObjectTreeToServer – FTP or HTTP post + ToFile
[New] Load & SerializeLevelToServer – FTP or HTTP post + ToFile
[Fix] Missing Unity 4 reference types

Unity Serializer v2.01 – patch release

Version 2.01 makes physics joints much more stable after deserialization.

Unity Serializer Version 2.0 – Released!

The new version of Unity Serializer has support for JSON serialization, the restoration of game objects which are not prefabs and a new API for saving and loading individual object trees.

Full details here.

Unity Serializer v1.18 Released

Version 1.18 4/11/12

[Fix] Prefab references stored as GameObjects were not being restored
[Fix] Time.timeScale not correctly reset after using LoadNow
[Change] LevelLoader GameObject now hidden
[New] IsDeserializing property on UniqueIdentifer/StoreInformation/PrefabIdentifer (good with LoadNow)
[New] public static showWhiteFlash property on LevelSerializer to turn off the loading GUI

Skinned mesh combination – wooo hooo

Finally managed to get my skinned mesh combiner and custom shader working. Creating an almost endless series of characters by:

  • Megafiers to morph the objects
  • Multiple clothing sets
  • Multiple colour replacement

The thing I’m most proud of is that I can fully customise a character’s texture colors and it only requires 3 tiny 4×4 textures to do it – all the big stuff is in one atlas file that’s shared.  That’s 1 draw call and 1.5k  per character in textures, plus it’s custom mesh at around 80k.

I was struggling with this for ages before deciding to write a custom fragment shader for the first time.  Seems to have paid off :)

Unity Serializer v1.17 released

Version 1.17 27/10/12

[Fix] Game object names not being correctly restored


News: I am currently developing a JSON version of the serializer for those that wish to read and affect objects on a server.